Strategy and toolbox for local citizen participation in culture, sport and youth policymaking

stakeholders identified

policymakers and advisors interviewed

international good practices analysed

tailored approaches developed


We have been hired by the Mayor of Sanem in Luxembourg to support the municipality in engaging citizens in policymaking concerning culture, sport and youth.


We started off with interviews with the College of Mayor and Aldermen, as well as with representatives of the advisory committees for culture, youth and sports, to map the core needs, challenges and expectations. We have identified and analysed the key stakeholders. A demographic analysis of the municipality of Sanem and the definition of target audience have complemented this preliminary analysis phase.

In depth research into relevant good practices from other cities globally has informed our understanding of what works and what does not in the implementation of similar concepts in Europe and around the world, and has served as an inspiration for innovative participatory policymaking solutions.

Then, we have developed general guiding principles to determine the different levels of participation of citizens and other relevant stakeholders, the benefits and risks of engaging these stakeholders, the potential and limitations of different approaches, the preconditions for a successful participation and other general guidelines to inform your strategic and political decision-making about final approaches to take.


The municipality of Sanem is now equipped with half a dozen methodological approaches, varying by the desired degree of commitment and acceptable client effort, with concrete implementation tools according to the What, Who, Where, When, How, Why method.