Strategic concept for Albert Hames house in Rumelange

data sources used

inspiring practices from around the globe analysed

key stakeholders interviewed

goal: an innovative strategic concept for the Albert Hames site

Commissioned by the municipality of Rumelange, our role was to develop a strategic concept for the site including the old house of a famous Luxembourgish sculptor, Albert Hames.

Guided by The Impact Lab Method(TM), we have carried out a detailed political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal analysis of the macroenvironment of Rumelange. We have interviewed 11 core stakeholders to deepen the understanding of the current challenges, needs and ambitions. We have also analysed in-depth more than 20 international good practices of sites that could serve as inspiration for the Rumelange context. We made sure to keep in mind the pragmatic local needs to anchor the future site in the local community, to leverage the links with core stakeholders, as well as to ensure its good fit with the upcoming European Capital of Culture year to be celebrated in 2022.

The concept proposes a new vision and mission for the site and includes a PESTEL analysis, good practice case studies, key principles, scenarios, exploitation plan, operating structure, operating budget and artistic, marketing and exploitation guidelines for future implementation.