Strategic advisory to Esch 2022 European Capital of Culture


the year of Esch and the South region as the European Capital of Culture

of audience members

of stakeholders

goal: a successful and impactful project

Our role is to provide ongoing strategic management and consulting support for the preparation of the development strategy for Esch2022 European Capital of Culture and of the related monitoring by the European Commission. We aim to assist the project management team in developing and implementing not only a successful, but also a highly impactful Esch 2022 project.

Based on our experience as independent experts for the European Commission, strategies development, collaborative and co-created approaches, as well as impact assessment,¬†we especially focus on topics such as co-creative mission, vision and objectives setting, impact assessment methodologies review, stakeholder and target audience engagement, refinement of the European Capital of Culture’s strategy, incl. collaborative and co-creative aspects, as well as preparation for the communication with and reporting to the European Commission.

Photos credit: Esch 2022 website