Co-creating the concept of the future wine experience centre at the heart of the Moselle region

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Commissioned by the Ministry of Economy in Luxembourg, our assignment was to develop a concept for the future wine experience centre in the Moselle region in a truly collaborative and participatory way. Moselle is famous for its wine and wine tourism, and the future Centre Mosellan is to become the ultimate wine experience centre in the region. The aim of the project was to bring the diverse range of stakeholders from the region, wine, tourism, culture, HoReCa, promotion and the general public to co-create the vision, mission, guiding principles, core functions, and scenarios for both the exhibition- and the non-exhibition spaces of the future centre.

Guided by The Impact Lab Method(TM), we have applied a combination of approaches to this end: extensive context research, stakeholders mapping, key informants and stakeholder interviews, ideas crowdsourcing campaign, several Miselerland Lab workshops, and observation and analysis of international best practices. Together with the stakeholders, we have immersed ourselves in the world of target audience through the use of personas and customer journeys, and stimulated the creativity of the participants through a range of individual and group heuristic techniques.

In effect, the developed concept is not only ambitious, systemic and fully grounded in national and international research, but, as a fruit of intensive dialogue and collaboration, it represents the common views of all involved parties. More importantly, stakeholders ranging from wine makers to tourism promotion specialists, from museum guides to wine bloggers, from locals to international experts, have come together, putting aside their personal interests, to work out the best solutions for the region as a whole. The foundation stone laying ceremony took place in September 2018 in the presence of Minister of Finance, Minister of Environment and Secretary of State in Economy.

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