Collaborative innovation for climate action: Climate Innovation Lab




collaborative innovation for climate action

We were commissioned by the Minister of Environment and Secretary of State for Sustainable development and Infrastructure to design and execute a participatory approach for the purpose of developing a new climate action plan for Luxembourg. In line with international obligations incl. Paris agreement, Luxembourg needs to drastically reduce its greenhouse gases emissions by 2030 (and further by 2050). To address this challenge, we need a broad societal agreement and creative involvement of a wide range of stakeholders.

Applying The Impact Lab Method(TM), we have designed and implemented what we call a ‘collaborative innovation for climate action’. The first component of it was the Climate Innovation Lab. 100+ participants with very diverse profiles (citizens, youth, researchers, innovators, entreprises, startups and SMEs, NGOs and associations from civil society, klima team members and advisors, finance specialists, public authorities, and more), several dedicated content experts, trained process facilitators and an international climate action expert, have worked side-by-side over the Wakeup Weekend to co-create almost 20 innovations in four core sectors: agrifood, economy, housing and mobility. All this was preceded by several months of intensive preparations including strategy development, process design, stakeholders mapping and analysis, communication campaign, content work, and project management. Other parts of the collaborative innovation for climate action will follow, with Climate Policy Lab approaching soon.

The Climate Innovation Lab (Wakeup Weekend) has proven the enormous talent and motivation of both participants and the collaborating experts. An overwhelming majority of participants has expressed a desire to be involved in the follow-up steps. 19 innovations have been developed and cross-checked within and across the sectors. All in all, our methodology has proven successful in bringing the different profiles of people together for collaborative innovation towards one vision.

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