Mansfeld site: A winning cultural programming and people-centred design concept for a heritage site in Luxembourg city

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Mansfeld Site is remarkable cultural heritage site in the very centre of UNESCO World Heritage-labelled centre of Luxembourg city. In November 2022, the City of Luxembourg has announced an architectural contest for ideas for the redevelopment of the Mansfeld Site and its remains in Clausen in Luxembourg.

The Impact Lab initiated an international consortium of companies to jointly take part in this idea competition. The consortium comprised, besides The Impact Lab, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, historical consultants, water engineers and mobility experts from Denmark, Luxembourg, France and Belgium. The Impact Lab has worked on the cultural programming, citizen engagement and social revitalisation of the district.

Our team co-won the two-stage competition with the “La renaissance de Mansfeld” project on development of the Parc la Fontaine and its remains to create a new heart for the district of Clausen.  The project vision for the Clausen neighbourhood is largely based on developing a social and community role for the park to function as an informal public gathering place, also known as a third place. Accordingly, the park is designed to be accessible, welcoming, fun and comfortable. The design of a flexible, appropriable, and reversible space allows the park to be constantly evolving with urban life over the seasons and with the events while welcoming the initiatives of the inhabitants. Concretely, we proposed Mansfeld Site programming conceived around four axes: the ‘greens’, the water, the remnants and the ‘stuff’. The jury and expert panel including almost 20 experts ranging from the Mayor of Luxembourg to the UNESCO Site Manager, have appreciated the iterative, flexible but elaborate programming proposed by The Impact Lab.

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