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Luxembourg at the spotlight of participatory approaches in spatial planning

As part of international ESPON conference on ‘Public Participation in Spatial Planning’, Lidia Gryszkiewicz from The Impact Lab gave a presentation about collaborative changemaking approaches for the revision of Master Plan in Spatial Planning in Luxembourg. You can read more about the project itself here. We are honoured that the Luxembourg case study has opened the afternoon of the conference and that we could share our experiences in how to make public participation work on a large scale. Indeed, the degree of participation in spatial planning that took place in 2018 has been unparalleled in Luxembourg, and also on a European level, as we learned in the conference. The Impact Lab presented its detailed methodology on how we had prepared for such a novel approach and how we ensured that the results have not only represented a very diverse range of views, but also after a dozen innovation labs converged to a common vision and recommendations for all of the defined priority themes.

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