Co-creating the museum for the future: MUDAM 2025

team members participating

identified stakeholder personas

relevant Sustainable Development Goals

action plans defined

common vision


The leading museum of contemporary art in Luxembourg, MUDAM, has been asking the following question: Considering that the world is constantly changing and that significant challenges arise both locally and globally, how does an institution such as MUDAM continue to maintain its relevance? What should the role of MUDAM be at a time when questions of social justice are raised alongside immense challenges of widely understood sustainability and sweeping technological changes? How do we collectively define the museum we want to be and how do we embody that definition through our actions as a team? How to transform ideas and ambitions into concrete actions?


The Impact Lab was invited to help the management of MUDAM to design the 2025 strategy as a bottom-up staff co-design process. The project included the co-design of an innovative impact strategy by the client team under our strategic guidance. UN Sustainable Development Goals were used as the overarching framework. Our work included research into the good practices coming from other museums globally, global museum trends research in terms of social, environmental and technological impact, and interviews. We then designed the process of engaging the whole MUDAM’s team to co-create the MUDAM 2025 vision, objectives and action plan. For each step of the process, we provided the management team with a ready-made playbook, draft workshop slides, printable templates, and one-on-one executive advisory sessions so that the actual workshops could be led by the management team themselves.


Four workshops have been held. As a result, the museum team has co-designed the impact vision, objectives and actions.

Photo and graphic copyright: MUDAM