Co-creation of a charter for the Upper Sûre Nature Park

activities of the park analysed

survey respondents

in-depth interviews

goal: a Nature Park's charter

Commissioned by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, our assignment is to strategically prepare for the communication and positioning campaign for the park in order to make the activities of the Upper Sûre Nature Park more visible and the results more ‘tangible’ to the concerned audience, increase the stakeholders’ identification as members/participants of the park, improve the common understanding of what the park stands for, enhance the regional identity linked to the Upper Sûre Nature Park and further leverage the community-building role of the park among different stakeholders, so that they share and act upon more common values promoted by the park.

Our work included 1) analysis of all park’s activities and projects in search of common thread(s) in terms of core themes, values or topics covered, as input for the promotion campaign strategy; 2) guiding a co-creation of a common, shared ‘charter’ of values and principles the park stands for as a common point of departure to ensure a shared understanding for all strategic planning activities, as well as for a much better identification with them by the key park stakeholders, and especially its staff and associated communes; 3) strategic design guidelines for a crowd-sourcing process and first outline of the Anniversary event.

The project is being finalised, with the draft version of the co-created charter being in a review process by the core stakeholders. With this new charter, the park will not only be able to better align its communication activities but also deliver even more impact as a team.

Photo credit: Upper Sûre Nature Park’s website