Development of the strategic concept for 'A Possen'

interviewed stakeholders

identified global trends

case studies of international good practices

strategic concept


Commissioned by the Ministry of Economy – General Directorate for Tourism  in Luxembourg, our assignment was to develop a new museology concept for the Folklore and Viticulture Museum ‘A Possen’ in the Moselle region. The “A Possen” museum is situated in Bech-Kleinmacher and it consists of five interrelated buildings as well as a space for restaurant-brasserie (”Wäistuff”). The aim of the project was to  develop a museology concept, while: strategically positioning it as complementary and synergistic to other regional and national museums; guiding strategic decision-making to address the currently very divergent scope of the museum’s collection; taking into account the prevalent museology trends especially regarding the eco- and living museums; responding to the needs of diverse target audience ; as well as promoting and supporting the current work of various regional stakeholders.


The Impact Lab Method™ has allowed us to ideate an innovative concept based on international trends, good practices, a very profound analysis of the current situation in the region, the SWOT analysis, and interviews and discussions with 20 stakeholders and key informants, all while engaging the Board along the way. We were careful to keep in mind the pragmatic local needs to anchor the future “A Possen” in the local community, to leverage a strong link between the future museum, its staff, volunteers and other stakeholders, as well as to ensure its sustainability in the long term.?

The concept proposes a new vision and mission for ‘A Possen’ and includes a context analysis including a tourism situation and cultural practices, the key trends analysis, good practice case studies, a SWOT analysis, target audience description, museology concept incl. key principles, scenarios, exploitation plan, operating structure, a feasibility study incl. operating budget and guidelines for future implementation.


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