The Impact Lab

Co-creating the future.


Make your innovation process truly collaborative

The Impact Lab is a boutique consultancy developing strategies for co-creation and collaborative innovation, and delivering a set of accompanying strategic services. We follow the philosophy of Creating Shared Value, but we take it even further to reflect the co-creative values that we foster in every project.

We help you find brilliant ideas

We involve people at every stage of the innovation process

We help you develop solutions for relevant challenges of the future

We help you bring about systemic change

We redefine democratic processes by empowering people to make an impact

Co-create shared value

What is co-creating shared value about?


… the needs, products, services, customers and markets.


… the value chains.


… supporting industry / sector clusters.

Source: The Impact Lab sarl, Adapted from Porter & Kramer (2011). Photo: Climate Innovation Lab, photo credit MDDI.

Develop the best strategy to fit your co-creation needs