The Impact Lab

Co-creating the future.

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Make your innovation process truly collaborative

We help you find brilliant ideas

We involve people at every stage of the innovation process

We help you develop solutions for relevant challenges of the future

We help you bring about systemic change

We redefine democratic processes by empowering people to make an impact

What’s new about an innovation lab?

wide participation

Engage a wide range of heterogeneous participants in a multidisciplinary dialogue, cutting across sectoral, professional and cultural boundaries, bringing together unusual actors.

focus on experimentation

Create space for experimentation, try things out on a small scale, take risks, prototype and test.

systems thinking

Encourage system-level perspective to transform entire areas, sectors or markets and generate wide impact.

reinventing democracy

Go strictly bottom up with a whole new innovation method, giving legitimacy to the process and ensuring sustainability of the developed solutions.

Our Work

We design and execute world-class innovation labs with impact

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